Heart Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Shirt


It made me feel proud to be an american keep up the good workyou are a Heart Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Shirt great president we loved every minute of it. Just shutup stone was convicted of felonies by a jury of his peers you are not an attorney and should stay out of it stone has been flirting with the law for decades and finally got caught thank god something tainted finally works against youis karma finally paying a visit don that judge is running a star chamber her action requires some discipline from the ag about time someone called out these justices and their bias they should recuse themselves from all trump and white house matters where is the justice department one of the obama mole appointees he placed into every roadblock position in governmenttimed to go off in favor of the dems when the opportunity arises do t judges police their own discrimination against our duly elected president and his pick of cabinet members are causing the biggest threat against justice in the history of our country justice for roger stone its over always looking backwards balance the budget do anything but react to what everyone else is doing so be a man and a loyal friend and pardon him then remove the judge from the bench you can set him free just do it because anything you do the democrats will find wrong in it the justice system in this country is a bad joke on american citizens when the injustice is so blatant and out for public consumption. Back charge the ring leaders paloser can sell her vineyard to help pay back some of the frivolous tax dollars spent sick of being extorted of my income to pay for this type of foolishness mr president you have our permission to go after all of themthey committed high crimes ie felonies and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law or fired yes

Heart Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Shirt Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt

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